Kendall Jenner inspires Kaia Gerber

ICONINSIDER — Kendall Jenner is Kaia Gerber’s inspiration.
The 16-year-old model – who is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber – has praised the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star for balancing her career with her personal life, and Kaia has admitted she has “learned” a lot about the business from the fellow model.
Speaking to E! News about the 21-year-old beauty, Kaia said: “I think [Kendall] does a really good job about having a life outside of [work] and staying with your friends and not separating yourself too much, so I’ve just kind of learned that from her.”
Kaia has revealed she regularly hears kind words about her mother, who has been credited as the “most professional person” in the fashion industry, and she hopes one day she will be praised by her colleagues.
Speaking about her 51-year-old parent, she said: “She gives me advice for life more than modelling, like ‘Be on time,’ which is really important in the industry we’re both in. And to be kind to everyone. Everyone that I’ve worked with says she’s the most professional person that they work with, so I could only hope that they say the something about me.”
Meanwhile, Kaia is heartbroken she is not the same size as Cindy and cannot fit into her clothes or shoes yet.
She said: “My mom and I aren’t the same size. She’s a bit taller. And we’re not the same shoe size either, which is heartbreaking.”
And though the mother and daughter cannot share clothes, Kaia believes they have similar mannerisms.
She said: “I know that we have a lot of the same mannerisms and, obviously, look a little bit alike, but yeah, I’d say we have different senses of humour and stuff like that.”

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