Kelly Clarkson: Motherhood’s made me sexy

ICONINSIDER — Kelly Clarkson says motherhood has made her feel even more “sexy and intelligent”.
The ‘Because Of You’ hitmaker has always been confident in herself but feels so much more “empowered” now she is a mother to River Rose, three, and 18-month-old Remington Alexander, who she shares with her husband Brandon Blackstock.
She said: “It’s so funny, because I talk to all my mom friends about this all the time. I’ve always been a confident girl, I’ve always felt sexy and intelligent. But after becoming a mother, the amount of s**t that you get done, you’re so impressed with yourself!
“It’s the most empowering feeling, because it makes you want to worry about the pettiness and trivial things a lot less. I think that trickled down to the messages and sassiness that are on this record. Art is a reflection of your life, so this record is happy and empowering, and I love that.”
And the 35-year-old singer admits it is a “daily challenge” bringing up her stepchildren in the tough political climate.
She added to Refinery29: “It’s a daily challenge, because our 10-year-old or 16-year-old will often say something like, ‘Why does this person say this, are they allowed to say this?’ I’m not going to lie, it’s hard, because every single day I’m explaining away a news headline or action of someone in politics. But I think it’s a very crucial time for anyone with kids. All of those things that are happening in our political arena, or in the entertainment industry?
“Well, there’s bullying, there’s sexual harassment, and there’s a rape culture in schools. It all starts young. So right now we have a unique opportunity to use what’s happening to ask our kids, ‘Do you think this was right or wrong? What do you think should have happened?’ It sounds obvious, but that’s the only way, long term, this world is going to get any better.”

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