Jodie Marsh’ kitten on the mend

ICONINSIDER — Jodie Marsh’ young cat is on the mend after being admitted to the vets with a broken leg.
The 38-year-old former glamour model was getting really worried about Babycat – who she adopted after learning she’d been abandoned – over the weekend but has since updated her followers letting them know that the little moggie is doing much better, though she’s not allowed home just yet.
Jodie wrote on Twitter: “Yesterday’s visit to Babycat was really good. She seems to be a lot better. Vet doesn’t want her going home yet but I feel a lot happier! (sic)”
Committed animal lover Jodie has been keeping her spirits up by playing around with her other cat Spider, and shared an adorable picture of her holding the animal up to her scary face painted for Halloween (31.10.17).
She captioned the post: “Spider is all ready for Halloween (sic)”
Jodie – who has another cat called Bobcat and several dogs – could barely eat because she was so sick with worry that her new kitten was on its last legs.
In a blog post on her official website, she revealed: “I am literally in a living hell!!!! Yesterday’s visit to Babycat was so traumatic. I can’t bear to see animals suffering or in pain and my poor little baby is so sick. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m walking around like a zombie in between working and visiting her. I can’t focus on anything properly. It’s best that I keep busy but my head is just all over the place. The other night it got to 9.30pm and I realised I had eaten all day and had no food in the house. So i rushed up to my local kebab shop and grabbed a portion of cheesy chips. I got them home (by now it’s 10pm and I’m STARVING) and popped them in the microwave to melt the cheese a little and as I carried them back to the table I tripped and dropped them cheese down on the floor. FML… this one sums up my life at the moment. All I could do was laugh. It was laugh or cry at that moment and I knew if I started crying I wouldn’t stop.
“Yesterday Babycat’s temperature had come back to normal but she looked worse than ever. she was so lethargic and all she wanted to do was sleep on me. She wouldn’t eat at all. When I left the vet called me to say that she had just been sick and the vet said she was really worried about her. There was also some cat litter in her sick which suggests she’s been eating her cat litter??!!!! I felt horrendous. (sic)”
In July, Jodie was left grief-stricken when her beloved bulldog Louie died, and even though as a “fur baby mummy” she knew he “didn’t have long left”, his death left a massive hole in her life.
The star had needed to resuscitate him on several occasions when he was choking.

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