Jeremy Meeks’s ex demands child support

ICONINSIDER — Jeremy Meeks’ estranged wife claims he only sees their son “two days a month”.
The 33-year-old model – who announced earlier this month he was filing for divorce from Melissa Meeks, three months after applying for a legal separation – has been hit by a claim for child and spousal support, though his former partner hasn’t listed how much she is looking for.
In court documents obtained by TMZ, she said: “I am not yet sure of his income, but I am sure it is more than mine.”
Melissa is seeking sole legal and physical custody of seven-year-old Jeremy Jr. and claimed her estranged spouse only sees the youngster “maybe two days a month”.
She went on to slam the model – who is dating Topshop heiress Chloe Green – and said he “basically lives as a playboy with a rich girlfriend”. She claimed Jeremy now drives $150,000 car and has lots of jewellery, and said their marriage ended after the hunky star’s “success went to his head and he left us.”
Melissa previously admitted she didn’t expect Jeremy – who is nicknamed ‘The Hot Felon’ after being discovered because of his mug shot – would start dating anyone else as she thought they were just going through a rough patch.
Speaking previously, she said: “He would get compliments all the time. ‘Oh your eyes, you are very handsome’. Of course he is an amazing looking man.
“I had no indication that he was looking for another relationship. Of course, people who are married or have been in long-term relationships, you go through your ups and times, I just felt this was a new chapter in our life we just had to work through that we had to get over the hump and think about it and we would get through it and everything would be fine.
“But it was very, very heartbreaking for me.
“Honestly that’s my husband of eight/ nine years, I love him deeply, I still do. It’s very hard for me when I think about what’s happened because, honestly, I wish I still had my husband to go home to.”

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