Grace Coddington doesn’t wear ‘cheap’ clothes

ICONINSIDER — Grace Coddington refuses to wear “cheap” clothes.
The former creative director at large of American Vogue magazine has revealed she always shops at the French fashion house Celine because she loves their tailored trousers and she doesn’t think she can “get away” with wearing less expensive products at her age.
Speaking about her wardrobe choices in the beauty edition of ES Magazine, which is available on Thursday (26.10.17), she said: “The cut of their trousers is very, very good, and the shape of the cashmere sweaters — slightly classic, but slightly modern, too. I can fit into them. I have their Crombie coats, and that’s about it. I can’t get away with anything cheap at my age. It has to be a certain quality or it just looks terrible.”
The red headed icon has revealed she often uses social media and boasts a “huge gay and transvestite following” on various sites except Snap chat, which she has described as “snap-crap”, because she thinks it’s a waste of time.
She explained: “I have a huge gay and transvestite following. But also, all these very young kids. I think they know I’m a very positive person who will not take no for an answer. Even from my boss.
I do Instagram, but none of the others like Snapchat or snap-crap. I don’t even know what they are that I don’t do! They’re time-wasters. There’s one thing: if you have more followers, you can ask for more money. But I’d have to post something every day. And I just can’t be bothered.”
Grace announced she was leaving US Vogue last year, but she has still praised the publication for transporting her away from the “tiny place” she lived.
She said: “I ordered Vogue every month from the local store. For me, the magazine represented an amazing fantasy world of sophistication and grown-ups. I dreamt of getting away from the tiny place I was raised.”

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