Gigi Hadid’s fantasy is to sleep in bread

ICONINSIDER — Gigi Hadid has a fantasy of sleeping in a loaf of bread.
The 22-year-old supermodel may give off an image of sophistication and glamour after starring in a number of luxurious campaigns and walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last year, but Lena Dunham was pleasantly surprised by the blonde beauty’s down-to-earth nature and quirky sense of humour when she was introduced to her through Taylor Swift a few years ago.
‘Girls’ creator Lena was very much amused when Gigi confessed her odd bread fixation.
Lena – who was crowned Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2012 – said: “Gigi has a dedication to her job, and a love for it. I have to admit I didn’t expect to have a tonne in common with Gigi. She’s almost a decade younger than I am. She grew up among glitterati in Los Angeles.
“She’s a supermodel. But from the moment we met – or maybe five minutes later, when she announced her fantasy of taking a nap inside a loaf of bread – I was like, ‘Holy crap. That’s my kind of girl.’ Gigi is open, giggly, wise and hardworking … I am lucky to have in her a fierce role model. She’s a smart blonde. She’s a model who doesn’t give a crap about being steeped in mystery. And in a selfish business, she makes empowering others her goal. Gigi defies every darn stereotype.”
Gigi – who is the daughter of Yolanda Foster and Mohamed Hadid – first shot into the limelight when she made a cameo appearance as a teenager in the reality TV show, ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ but, although she appreciates that she’s “blessed” to have grown up in the public eye, she thinks she’s surprised a lot of people.
Gigi – who is 2017’s Woman of the Year for the publication – explained: “I was obviously very blessed growing up … I always wanted to run from what people thought I was going to be. Not only with my work ethic but by showing that I was a good person. I think a lot of people didn’t expect that …”
And, although even more people are interested in the details of Gigi’s life because she’s dating former One Direction hunk Zayn Malik, she prefers to talk about her parents.
She said: “When I started working in fashion, it was like, ‘Gigi, the all-American.’
“I was very much that ‘girl next door but if you read my interviews, I always talk about my parents’ cultural backgrounds.”

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