George and Amal Clooney want to raise their kids out of the spotlight

ICONINSIDER — George and Amal Clooney are “inspired” to raise their children out of the spotlight by their friends Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford.
The couple welcomed twins Alexander and Ella into the world in June and Cindy is glad their famous pals know they can bring their kids up to be as normal as possible.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the annual Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party in Los Angeles, Cindy – who has Presley, 18, and Kaia, 16, with Rande – said: “I think that the cool thing is [that George and Amal] know our kids. They’re like, ‘You guys’ kids are so great.’
“I think it just inspires them to know that you can have like, normal kids, even if your life is a little bit in the spotlight sometimes. I think they see Presley and Kaia and see they have good manners, they have their friends from school, and I think that shows them you can do it.”
Meanwhile, George previously revealed he is eager to instil good values in his children.
He explained: “I have always felt a great sense of responsibility to other people in the world, but when you have children of your own, you realise you are responsible for their lives in a way you haven’t been before. And you become conscious that you want to make an example of your own life that they will follow. I want to make sure my children understand they have been given things other children haven’t been by accident of birth.
“They could just as easily have been born in Syria and their lives would have been completely different. It’s challenging to remind children who have been born into this glass of celebrity and money to have empathy for people who aren’t as fortunate as they are. That’s going to be Amal’s and my job to teach our children, and it’s an important one.”

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