Emma Thompson was in Arctic Monkeys mosh pit

ICONINSIDER — Emma Thompson was involved in a mosh pit whilst watching Arctic Monkeys at Reading Festival in 2014.
The 58-year-old actress has revealed she thought would “die” when she unexpectedly found herself caught up in the rough crowds whilst watching the ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ rockers when they headlined the festival three years ago.
Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show’, which is due to air on Friday (27.10.17), she said: “There were 90,000 teenagers and me with my 54-year-old mate.
“I initially thought how nice it was until two things happened. First, I got into the mosh pit while the Arctic Monkeys were playing and I was so crushed in and moved up and down by people I thought ‘Oh, now is when I die. I always wondered when it would be, but I didn’t picture this’.”
And it wasn’t just the rowdy teenagers that the ‘Love Actually’ star had to deal with either, as she said the “grim” quality of the toilets left her scarred for life, as she admits she won’t be returning to the muddy fields for the festival in the future.
She added: “Then the toilets overflowed and you had to walk through it. I thought ‘This literally is hell’. It was grim and I am never going again.”
Also during her appearance on the UK talk show, the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ actress admitted she was once asked on a date by current US president Donald Trump, and claims she told him to “f**k off”.
She said: “He asked me out once. I could have changed the course of history! We were doing ‘Primary Colors’ in 1997 and at that point we only associated Trump with tasteless architecture.
“I was in my trailer and the phone rang – no one had every rung it nor had I ever used it. I had assumed it didn’t work. It was Donald Trump on the other end – I thought someone was having a laugh so told him to f**k off. He said, ‘Come and stay in one of my apartments and maybe we could have dinner.’
”I didn’t know what to say. I was absolutely astounded because how did he get the number that even I didn’t have? I said I would get back to him but I never did. In so many ways I wish I had because I could have ruffled his hair and we would then all have known the truth! And maybe he wouldn’t have been president.”

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