EastEnders’ Janet Mitchell fights for life after car accident

ICONINSIDER — EastEnders’ Janet Mitchell will be left fighting for her life next week after she’s accidentally mowed down by Tina Carter on the spookiest night of the year.
Honey Mitchell – played by Emma Barton – will be left in a frantic panic on the night of Halloween (31.10.17) when she finds out her down syndrome daughter escaped from Jack Branning’s (Scott Maslen) eerie kids’ party, was knocked down by the cafe worker (Luisa Bradshaw-White) in her car and is now battling to stay alive in hospital.
A source told Inside Soap magazine: “Honey leaves Janet in Jack and Ingrid’s care – so you can imagine her horror when she returns to the party and realises that her daughter is missing. It’s dark and cold outside on the eeriest night of the year – so all manner of scenarios enters her mind as she looks for Janet. Nothing can prepare Honey for the sight that awaits her when she eventually finds her girl.”
However, to make matters worse, Tina is completely oblivious to the fact she’s run over Janet and, instead, is convinced she hit Dot Cotton’s (June Brown) moggy Dave.
The insider explained: “When the penny finally drops, Tina feels sick to her stmach. If she had known that she’d hit Janet, then she would have stopped her car and called for an ambulance straight away. She’s not the sort of person who would leave anyone – let alone a little girl – in that situation … Tina is horrified at the thought of mowing down Dot’s pet moggy, so she flees the scene and doesn’t look back. But of course it isn’t Dave that had been struck – it’s poor Janet.”
It’s not yet known whether Tina will confess her part in the accident or whether little Janet will survive the ordeal.

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