Eamonn Holmes to be vampire hunter?

ICONINSIDER — Eamonn Holmes wants to be a vampire hunter.
The ‘This Morning’ host may have made a career for himself on television, but he has admitted that he’d like to dip his toe into the supernatural world as he’s collected a wealth of knowledge of folklore thanks to his upbringing in Northern Ireland.
Speaking on the show’s Halloween Special tomorrow (31.10.17), he said: “Being Irish there’s a very thin divide between religion and superstition.
“So, I have an open mind to the supernatural. I don’t scare easily. Ruth is the one who doesn’t believe in the supernatural but she is the one who is completely frightened by it all! I would be quite good if I was a vampire hunter.
“I would know how to arm myself. I’d know when you need garlic, when you need a silver bullet, when you need Holy Water. I would have a great healthy respect!”
However, the 57-year-old presenter’s wife Ruth Langsford isn’t so keen to make a career move as she doesn’t believe in ghosts or the afterlife.
She explained: “He believes in ghosts and the afterlife but I don’t. He maintains ‘you don’t believe because you’re too scared to believe’. That’s not true. But I am a scaredy cat. Because he walks around silently, whilst I’m always busying about. I’ll be hoovering or cooking and I turn around and he’s there. I scream ‘Oh my goodness! Don’t creep up on me! I didn’t even hear you coming’.
“I was given a cardboard cut out of Eamonn the other day and one evening, when I can home, Eamonn had propped it up looking through the glass. That scared me too! I thought ‘what on earth is he doing there, lurking?’ ”

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