Claire Foy says life as a mother is ‘chaotic’

ICONINSIDER — Claire Foy’s life has been more “chaotic” since she became a mother.
The 33-year-old actress gave birth to her daughter – who she has with her husband Stephen Campbell Moore – in March 2015, and the star has revealed for the past two years she has been living a “fabulous whirlwind” that leaves her “flustered”.
Speaking to the new issue of Heat magazine, ‘The Crown’ star said: “Life, as we know, can never be planned how you’d expect and the last two years have gone by in this chaotic, fabulous whirlwind, where if I stop for a moment to think about it, I get flustered.”
But the only thing that has helped the British actress cope is the “rock solid support” she has received and “blind faith”.
She added: “Just rock solid support and flexible scheduling have helped me through it all. And blind faith!”
Claire can now be seen in ‘Breathe’, alongside Andrew Garfield, Tom Hollander, and Hugh Bonneville, and though she has started to land major roles in big Hollywood movies, she doesn’t feel like her career has changed that much.
Speaking about her career, she said: “It feels like nothing has changed at all in most ways. My life at home hasn’t undergone any dramatic overhaul because of it. It’s all as it was.”
But the ‘Little Dorrit’ beauty “never” thought she would be working with “extremely talented” filmmakers and actors.
She continued: “The only big transformation are the opportunities and encounters I’m having that I never really could have fathomed happening before. Sitting with extremely talented filmmakers and creatives, that’s when you step outside yourself, sort of look down and think, ‘Well that’s something.’ ”
Meanwhile, Claire is believed to be starring in the next installment of ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’, and though the star has yet to confirm her role in the movie, she has hinted she can’t wait to have mock tattoos emblazoned across her skin and though she doesn’t have any body art she has contemplated going under the needle to get a permanent etching.
Asked if she has any inking similar to the main protagonist Lisbeth Salander, Claire said: “I don’t have one, no. I’ve always wanted one, but I’m scared of them because I have no idea what I’d get and I also change my mind all the time and, then what? You’re stuck with it.”

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