Christine Lampard has a phobia of robots

ICONINSIDER — Christine Lampard is terrified of robots.
The 38-year-old TV presenter has confessed she suffers from robophobia and is convinced the world is going to be overrun by machine men and women who will kill everyone.
Christine’s fear comes from when she watched cult classic 1987 movie ‘Robocop’ about a police officer who is gunned down by a criminal gang and resurrected as a cyborg.
During a discussion about robots becoming more prevalent in society on ‘Loose women’ on Wednesday (25.10.17), she admitted: “I have an irrational fear of robots. I watched ‘Robocop’ when I was five, clearly too young to be watching it, and then I had this terrible fear of robots taking over and us having no control over them. My fear is that they will kill us eventually …. But it’s looking like the future.”
Christine’s wariness about machines even affects her shopping habits and she refuses to use self-service tills because she thinks the gadgets are stealing people’s jobs.
The Irish star – who is married to retired England soccer player Frank Lampard – said: “You know when you go to the shops and they have the self-service machines, I don’t use them, I always go to the person because I think ‘That’s doing you out of a job!'”

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