Anna Faris doesn’t believe in closure

ICONINSIDER — Anna Faris doesn’t believe in “closure”.
The ‘Mom’ actress – who recently split from husband Chris Pratt – insists heartbreak makes people “more human” and she doesn’t agree with drawing a line under a tough situation.
Speaking about her podcast, ‘Anna Faris is Unqualified’, at a promotional stop in New Jersey to plug her new book ‘Unqualified’ she said: “We talk a lot about the idea of closure, which is something that I don’t believe in because I think that it’s important to accept the idea that your heartbreak is an important thing that helps you be more human.”
At the fan event, Anna began the evening by FaceTiming her five-year-old son Jack to ensure he brushed his teeth before going to bed.
She said: “Before we begin, this is my son. I know, I’m trying to win you over with my kid.”
Jack then thanked the crowd for coming to the event and advised his mom not to “get fired”.
Anna has admitted the timing for her newly-released memoir hitting shelves wasn’t ideal because of her marital woes, but she now thinks it was quite fitting.
She told People magazine: “The idea of all this happening and culminating with the book as well, it was like: ‘Oh boy, how do I frame this?’
“At first I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is crazy timing.’ Now it sort of feels like maybe in a way everything that’s happened helps bring it full circle.”
And she hopes the tome shows fans a different side to her life.
She said: “I didn’t want a book that presents my life as idealistic. I wanted to show the fact that I am unqualified, and I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m grateful for the people who love me anyway.”

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