Sarah Harding to show ‘real side’ on Celebrity Big Brother

ICONINSIDER — Sarah Harding wants to show the “real human” side to her on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’.
The former Girls Aloud singer is set to enter the famous abode later this week and is hoping her stint on the show will put an end to her image as a party girl, as she insists that was just a “caricature” she played up to when she was in the group.
She said: “I would hope that people would get to see the real human being behind the mask. I still get portrayed as that girl from the band who was always hyped up to be something I wasn’t. In Girls Aloud, I played a character. I was the lairy one, the rock and roller. I played up to that because it was a caricature.
“We did a lot of photoshoots and a lot of it was quite pouty. I have one of those faces that when I’m posing, I look moody, so people probably think I’m a hard-faced cow.”
However, the 35-year-old beauty admitted she can still be the “life and soul” of the party when she’s in the right mood.
She said: “At the end of the day, I love to entertain. I’m a performer.
“Of course I love being around people but I prefer it when it’s on my terms.
“I like to duck in and out and when I’m in then I might be the life and soul. But it’s nice to just go home again, be with my dogs, put the fire on and watch the movie channel.”
And Sarah’s housemates are in for a treat if she decides to take on cooking duty.
She told OK! magazine: “I love cooking, I find it therapeutic. I did it on ‘MasterChef’ – I called it ‘Manic Chef’. I can throw things together and I have a penchant for knowing what goes with what. I have my favourites but I’m very experimental.”

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