Ringo Starr’s new album two years in the making

ICONINSIDER — Ringo Starr started planning his new album just months after ‘Postcards From Paradise’ was released.
The former Beatles member is due to drop his 19th studio venture ‘Give More Love’ in September, and his long time producer Bruce Sugar has said the team started work on the album shortly after the release of 2015’s ‘Postcards From Paradise’ because the star “likes to plan his life years in advance.”
Bruce said: “It wasn’t long after ‘Postcards’ came out [that we started working on it]. Ringo likes to plan his life years in advance. I think he went on tour after that and then when he got back we started looking at some different ideas.
“We’re real happy with it. Everyone who’s heard it can’t wait till it’s put out there in the universe.”
And Bruce also talked about what it’s like to work with the 77-year-old music icon in the studio, where he claimed the process was very “casual”.
He said: “It’s very casual, especially when it starts out. I just go over to his home studio. And we just play around with some different synth ideas and bring in a few friends of his initially and see if he can get the ball rolling, kind of get a feel for what he wants to do.”
Bruce has high praise for ‘Give More Love’, as he’s even said the record could be the “best music” he’s recorded with Ringo.
Speaking to Billboard magazine, Bruce said: “I think it’s the best music I’ve done with Ringo. I think it’s the best musical album we’ve done. We’ll see what happens.”
‘Give More Love’ is due to be released on September 15.

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