Olivia Munn wears a diamond choker ‘every day’

ICONINSIDER — Olivia Munn wears a diamond choker “every day”.
The 37-year-old actress has revealed she cannot leave the house without wearing her Anita Ko bejewelled accessory, and she will almost always adorn the expensive item to complete her outfit.
When asked about her ultimate favourite accessory, the brunette beauty told VanityFair.com: “Anita Ko diamond choker. I wear it almost every day.”
The ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ star – who portrays Psylocke in the fantasy franchise – has credited Cate Blanchett as her style icon.
When asked what celebrity fashion sense she most admires, she said: “Cate Blanchett.”
And Olivia has revealed her favourite flaw is the bump on her nose, which her brother gave to her when she was just a child after he kicked her in the face.
Speaking about her preferred flawed body part, she explained: “A bump on my nose from when my brother kicked me in karate at eight years old.”
Meanwhile, Olivia carries out a simplistic daily routine, which sees her rely on three items including a good night’s sleep, three litres of water and a sun protecting face cream to ensure she has flawless and radiant looking skin.
Speaking previously about her beauty regime, she said: “So when you ask what my beauty secrets are, besides Patrick [Ta] and [hairstylist] Christian [Wood], it’s water, sleep, and sunscreen.”
And the American star has revealed she “loves” to experiment with a variety of cosmetic products and enjoys wearing “bright and fun” coloured make-up, although a touch of concealer, a sweep of mascara and just a little bit of lip balm is her “go-to” look.
She said: “[My beauty look] was probably what I normally do: a little concealer–I like the YSL Touche Éclat –and a little blush. I did my eyebrows, chapstick, and wore my hair down. That’s my go-to.
“I love playing with makeup and wearing bright and fun colours, so I kind of do that all the time.”

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