Miguel’s responsibility towards the music industry

ICONINSIDER — Miguel feels “responsible” to lead the music industry following the deaths of Prince and David Bowie.
The ‘Sure Thing’ hitmaker was devastated when the music legends died within months of each other last year but now feels it is his duty to “teach” other music hopefuls like they taught him when he was starting out.
He said: “I guess it is back to like, ‘What’s the purpose?’ And this word, it’s probably one of the most…you know, after both Bowie and Prince passed last year. It really… Listen, most people may not look at me as some.. I don’t act like I’m some kind of savant.
“I can’t play any instrument fluently. I’m not the best singer, I only know that I have strong instincts. Two people that I looked at as kind of like the epitome of what artists should be as musicians are both gone. So, then you’re looking at, well, who’s left? Who are the leaders left? And then you look and go well, wait a second.
“When Prince and Bowie were my age, they were already like five, six albums in, you feel me? Already established and had really made their mark and I just felt a tremendous sense of … I’m responsible, like, I’m responsible now. These are my teachers and they’re gone.”
And the 31-year-old singer admits it is a “heavy thought” feeling responsible for others but sees it as his purpose.
He added to the new issue of Blag magazine: “Who’s going to teach whoever’s paying attention to me? Who’s going to be the ones who are going to inspire? I know it’s not for me to take on, on my own shoulders but I know that I have to have something to do with the next s**t! And, it’s kind of a heavy thought.
“So, I keep coming back to this word and that is purpose. What’s the purpose? Like, I just want what I do to be purposeful. Even if only certain people see it, I want it to be purposeful …
“I’m trying to find my way to address what I see as wrong or at least supplement what I feel we need and do as much as I can to feed that, because we’re missing a lot right now. We’re missing a lot, it’s a crazy time, you can see it in the culture.”

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