Linkin Park thank Chris Martin for ‘beautiful’ rendition of Crawling

ICONINSIDER — Linkin Park has thanked Chris Martin for his “beautiful” rendition of ‘Crawling’ at Coldplay’s concert on Tuesday (01.08.17).
The singer performed a piano solo version of their hit released in 2000 at Coldplay’s New Jersey show and Chester Bennington’s bandmate, Mike Shinoda, shared a video of the emotional recital on Instagram.
He captioned the clip: “Thank you @coldplay. It sounded beautiful.(sic)”
Chris made a mistake at the start of the song but began again, after saying: “I know this is probably going to end up on YouTube so I want to do it right, and I want to do it respectfully.”
And he dedicated the performance to musicians and to people everywhere, who are missing loved ones.
He added: “This is to everybody who misses someone you know. This is for our whole community of musicians.”
Chester was laid to rest in a private funeral on Saturday (29.07.17) at South Coast Botanic Gardens, near his home in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, where he died by suicide, and just a few hundred people attended the intimate service.
The ‘In The End’ singer’s family wanted a private memorial for the 41-year-old star and mourners were reportedly given wristbands and an access pass.
After the funeral, Mike thanked Chester’s fans and urged anyone who is struggling with their mental health to seek help.
He also updated them on where they could pay tribute to Chester, and said: “One week. Feels like forever. I’m here for a couple updates. I know these links aren’t clickable. Just type them out in your browser; they’re easy to remember.
“1.) If you need a (local) place to celebrate Chester, look to and all the amazing fan sites I’ve previously mentioned.
“2.) If you’re having suicidal thoughts, go to
“3.) If you’re going to buy merch in honor of Chester, consider who the purchase benefits. Don’t give money to scumbag bootleggers and opportunists. Linkin Park official merchandise is at
“4.) If you want to donate in honor of Chester, do it at
“5.) Brad, Joe, Rob, Dave, and I love you all very much. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this extremely difficult time. (sic)”

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