Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville to move in together?

ICONINSIDER — Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville are talking about moving in together.
The ‘Love Island’ couple raised eyebrows over the authenticity of their romance while they were inside the villa last month as they were the only pair not to have sex, but it seems things are picking up between them now as they are looking forward to spending time with one another away from the cameras and in their own abode.
Speaking on ‘Lorraine’ on Wednesday (02.08.17) Gabby explained: “I’m loving it [being out of the villa and away from the camera], we can actually just enjoy each other’s company now without having to be on camera all the time. It’s refreshing.”
Marcel added: “We’re going to make normal life a bit more normal. Gabby and I are talking about moving in together and doing all the things that come down the line.”
And it seems the blonde beauty has already developed a protective streak for her man as she was forced to “name and shame” a number of online bullies last night on Snapchat after she read some vicious racial slurs regarding their relationship.
She explained: “I just couldn’t believe in this day and age that we were going to come out to that response and I’ve grown up in multicultural cities and grown up with different people and never been in the brunt of it, so to have to deal with that and so publicly, it’s just so awful and I can’t believe that’s going on. I think it’s because we don’t hear about it so much anymore because it’s hidden but it does still go on. There are some idiotic people in the world and they should be ashamed.”

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