Chloe Khan: Botched nose job left me fearing death

ICONINSIDER — Chloe Khan feared she would die after a botched nose job.
The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant flew to the Ukraine to undergo the procedure in January and was left terrified when she saw the clinic were using blankets covered with “dried blood” and things only got worse when she woke up midway through the operation and then was given no painkilling medication after her rhinoplasty..
And things got worse when Chloe – who has a 10-year-old daughter, Destiny – returned to the UK a week later and was left feeling extremely ill due to an infection.
Speaking to the new issue of Closer magazine, she recalled: “About a day after I got back, I remember collapsing on my kitchen floor and lying there for two days. I just couldn’t move – I felt so ill and I wrote a goodbye note on my phone to my daughter. I rang the doctors and they took me to hospital, where they flushed me with antibiotics.”
But the former Playboy model was left horrified when she saw her swollen nose, and she now has to keep her hooter “taped up” for 20 hours a day, and revealed it is constantly “dripping” and often “gushes” blood.
The busty beauty – who first shot to fame as pop hopeful on ‘The X Factor’ – said: “When I first saw my nose without bandages I started screaming. It was huge and looked like it had snapped halfway down. It was like he’d got a hammer and smashed it up. When I called him [the surgeon] back and told him he’d botched the op, he told me it was my fault because I kept crying while it was taped up.
“Now I have to tape up my nose for 20 hours a day. When I take off the tape, it falls to bits. I have no sense of smell and no feeling in my nose – it drips all day and sometimes I wake up with it gushing blood.”
Chloe – who has undergone a number of procedures in the past, including a first nose job in 2014 and a breast enlargement – will go back under the knife next year to get her nose fixed, but has vowed no more facial surgery after that.
She said: “I have to go back in January to get my nose fixed, which will hopefully prevent any lasting damage. I have to wait a year but I have to get it fixed because I can’t breathe properly. However, the experience was enough to put me off facial surgery for life. If I could go back to the nose I was born with, I would.”

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