Andrea McLean treats herself to a sports car

ICONINSIDER — Andrea McLean splashed out on a lavish sports car when she was told she was clear of the vasculitis disease.
The 47-year-old television presenter underwent a hysterectomy in September, but after the operation doctors carried out tests on her uterus only to find she had an infection that sees the immune system attack the healthy blood vessels and starves the organs of oxygen.
The brunette beauty has since been given the all clear after having “test after test after test”, but the terrifying ordeal made her realise life is too short and she should “cease the day”, which encouraged her to fork out a large sum of money for a convertible vehicle, which she has claimed she “can’t afford”.
Speaking on ‘Loose Women’ on Thursday (03.08.17), Andrea – who has daughter Amy and son Finlay from previous relationships said: “Basically when I had the hysterectomy when they opened me up, as it were, they test what they take out and they found that I have this disease called vasculitis, which is not cancer, but it’s not great. And what it can do is basically affect your blood vessel and starve your organs of oxygen so it is quite a serious thing. I didn’t tell anybody, Nick knew obviously.
“So I’ve had, for the past few months, test after test after test and then I finally got the all clear and that was why I bought the car, the soft top.
“I can’t afford it but I am going to buy this sports car.
“So we ceased the day.”
After purchasing the soft top the star decided to enjoy a “driving holiday” with her now fiancé Nick Feeney because she was “desperate” to cruise around with the rooftop down basking in the French sunshine.
She explained: “You know we went on this driving holiday.
“I’ve got a little soft spot car and we were desperate to drive in the sunshine.”
However, Andrea’s plan didn’t quite come to fruition as it rained during their trip, which left her feeling “ratty”.
She explained: “But it rained, I was a tiny bit menopausal, a little bit ratty, and a bit grumpy.”

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