Zoe Kazan thinks acting is ‘a very strange profession’

ICONINSIDER — Zoe Kazan thinks being an actress is “a very strange profession”.
The 33-year-old star thinks having a career in the entertainment industry is unusual because for “12 hours” of the day she has to “pretend” to live a lie by being someone else and loving another person, before she can return to her “normal” life.
Speaking about the industry, the California-born beauty said: “But, honestly being an actor is a very strange profession to start with. You spend 12 hours of your day pretending to be someone else and love someone else and then you go back to your normal life at night.”
However, Zoe, who portrays Kumail Ninjiani’s on-screen girlfriend Emily in ‘The Big Sick’, has hinted she didn’t find it as out of the ordinary playing a fictional character in the romantic comedy whilst Kumail simply played himself.
When asked about the concept, the ‘Ruby Sparks’ star said: “It should have been incredibly weird.”
Zoe has revealed she spent “entire days” lying in bed dead still when they filmed the movie because her character is in a coma for a large majority of the production.
She said: “Your only job in that situation is to lie there and be still. I did a lot of lying in that bed, I was hooked up to all this medical equipment and sensors, and it took about 15 minutes to get them on or off, so the crew would say; ‘We can unhook you but we’re on a tight schedule, do you mind just staying in bed?’ So I spent entire days in bed.”
However, the star did find ways to entertain herself whilst shooting the movie, which saw her hide books behind her back so when she got a spare moment in between takes and was unable to move she would pick up her novel and read.
She told Stylist magazine: “[I] hid books behind my back so I could read between takes”.

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