TJ Miller says society ‘suppresses’ funny women

ICONINSIDER — TJ Miller thinks society “suppresses” humour in women.
The 36-year-old actor has tried to clarify some comments he made during a recent interview in which he appeared to suggest that women are not as funny as men.
In light of the criticism he’s subsequently received, the ‘Deadpool’ actor wrote on Twitter: “Okay, I guess everyone and their parents missed the point–
SOCIETY depresses humor in women bc it is a sign of intelligence.
“that is THREATENING to men, & so women are taught to suppress those intimidations. It is about SOCIETY’s ills, the misogyny of women’s humor
“Don’t get it twisted. The world gets better the more we empower our literal better half. Women ARE FUNNY, against odds that men don’t face. (sic)”
TJ was widely criticised for saying that women are “taught to suppress their sense of humour during their formative years”.
But he continued to fight his corner on Twitter, saying: “I’m also getting sick of people talking about women being treated unfairly as a new topic it’s not. This is the movement let us be behind it.
“You know what? No. I am a public servant striving to make you laugh and push a progressive agenda. Enough. I fight for the press- (sic)”
The comedic actor then turned his focus towards US President Donald Trump, as he underlined his own commitment to free of speech.
TJ said: “Free speech is our weapon & we are under attack from the mouthpiece of the leader of the free world I intend to stop this madness.
“I hope u won’t be as rude to me trying to use his tactics against him as u have been to he who professes that his only purpose is for you.
“Consider being nicer to a man who will sacrifice everything to influence the cultural mass to think progressively. I am not here in vain. (sic)”

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