TJ MIller is happy to be ‘polarising’

ICONINSIDER — TJ Miller thinks it’s more important to be “polarising than neutralising”.
The 36-year-old comedian was widely criticised after he spoke negatively about ‘Silicon Valley’ showrunner Alec Berg and admitted to being bored while working on the American comedy series – but TJ doesn’t regret being so candid.
He said: “After the election, I realised that there was a gap. Nobody right now is publicly the Lindsay Lohan-train wreck-but-not-quite person.
“If I’d just said it was an honour to work on ‘Silicon Valley’ and was thankful to Alec Berg, I would have disappeared. Instead, by being just a little authentic, I infected the news cycle.
“It’s more important to be polarising than neutralising. That’s my position.”
TJ’s remarks about ‘Silicon Valley’ may have damaged his reputation within the industry, but he doesn’t rue what he said.
Pointing to his publicist during an interview with New York Magazine, the ‘Deadpool’ actor explained: “Her organisation told me, ‘You don’t want to have a reputation as someone who trashes producers.’
“Well, talk to every other producer I’ve worked with. All I have a reputation for is being kind and grateful and possibly a loose cannon that’s uninsurable.”
TJ attracted criticism from fans of ‘Silicon Valley’ after he decided to attack the HBO series’ showrunner in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
Reflecting on his exit from the show, he said: “I don’t know how smart [Alec] is. He went to Harvard, and we all know those kids are f***ing idiots.”
Tj admitted that while Alec is well educated, he doesn’t hold him in high regard as a producer.
He shared: “Those comedy writers in Hollywood are f***ing Harvard graduates and that’s why they’re smug as a bug … I think that in television you usually have one element that is very challenging, very frustrating.
“It’s an obstacle, right? So you’re doing the best work that you can do. Alec was that for me, and I think I was that for Alec.”

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