The Vamps like being vulnerable with their music

ICONINSIDER — The Vamps are happy to be “vulnerable” with their music.
The pop band – which includes Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans – find writing their own music “cathartic” and says it helps their fans connect to it better too.
Brad said: “I think the first two albums, we were kids essentially, we’re still kids now but I think you kind of come to a point where you feel like if you’re not putting out something that’s real and true to yourself then everything else feels contrived and I think with this album we’ve tried to be as personal and open as we can be purely for the fact that it helps you kind of, it’s a catharsis.
“Also the fans can connect with it so much better because it comes from a very real place and it is a vulnerable place to be in but for your own peace of mind it feels like you’ve expressed yourself in a truer way than you have done before.”
And James, 23, praised the group’s fans for being “so crucial” to their success and longevity.
He added to London’s Evening Standard newspaper: “It’s crazy that this album is where it is, simply from the full support of the fans.
“I genuinely feel that The Vamps fan base is really powerful, they’ve been there for six or seven years, through the ups and downs so it’s nice to take it back to the one on one because they’re so crucial to what’s happened and it’s nice to thank them for that.”
Meanwhile, the band previously confessed they feel like “aliens” when they are touring.
They explained: “We’re away from family and home comforts and getting into a routine that’s the same every day. Each country is different so we’re like aliens. We’re never in a country for more than 24 hours because we’re always moving – unless we’re in the UK but routine for me is quite hard. We’re quite good at giving each other space.”

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