Steven Moffat won’t start Dracula script for a few months

ICONINSIDER — Steven Moffat won’t start “hammering out” the script for ‘Dracula’ for another few months yet.
The 55-year-old writer announced last month that he was teaming up with Mark Gatiss and Sue Vertue to create a collection of BBC specials based on the 1897 novel about a blood-thirsty count, but he has admitted production is a long way off as the trio are yet to sit down together and plan the project, but he’s convinced they’re “on to something” with the idea.
Speaking to, he said: “It’s far too early for us to say anything outside of the tiny little circle of me and Mark and Sue about how we’re going to handle it, but I think we’ve got good ideas. We’ve discussed what we think are the key things that should be done with Dracula, but I don’t think we’ll be sitting down for a few months yet to actually start hammering that out. We’re just putting a flag on it and saying we’re going to do it really, but I think we’re on to something.”
‘Dracula’, which is expected to hit screens in 2019, will represent the first collaboration between Moffat and Gatiss since ‘Sherlock’ last aired in January and, although fans are hoping to see another series of the crime detective drama, he is still unsure if it’ll return.
He explained: “At this point we honestly don’t know. I sort of vaguely assumed that we do it again at some point. I haven’t had time to think about ‘Sherlock’, and Mark’s been hugely hard at work of course a range of projects including ‘Doctor Who’. So we haven’t had time to sit down and work out what we do with a series five.”
However, it’s thought the departing ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner will want a little downtime once he hands over the reins to Chris Chibnall – known for his work on ‘Broadchurch’ – later this year as he’s worked on the sci-fi series solidly since 2008.
Asked what his highlight of the show is, he said: “I think given that we just walked out of the studio for the last time a few days ago it may be a little early for me to try and work that out.”

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