Stephanie Davis is ‘obsessed’ with Jeremy McConnell

ICONINSIDER — Stephanie Davis has reportedly become “obsessed” with Jeremy McConnell.
The 24-year-old actress has just been taken off bail by police after she allegedly assaulted her former flame during a scuffle earlier this month, but friends are said to be “really concerned” about her as she’s reportedly been following his whereabouts online.
A source told The Sun Online: “Steph is becoming obsessed with Jez and his whereabouts to the point her friends and her family are really concerned. She will sit for hours constantly refreshing social media and searching his name to see if anything comes up. It’s like nothing else matters at the minute. We’ve all said she needs to occupy her mind some other way. It’s not healthy doing what she’s doing.”
The fight left the 28-year-old hunk with a broken nose and fractured skull, while Stephanie came away with five broken ribs and a bruised nose but, despite the nature of their spat, the former ‘Hollyoaks’ star is reportedly still hoping for a reunion.
The insider explained: “Jez and Steph have had no contact since what happened in the hotel. It’s made her more obsessive about Jeremy as she’s not spoken to him and has no idea what he is up to. Everyone is worried but there’s no getting through to her.”
However, a representative for the star has branded the comments “absurd” and insists she’s too busy raising her six-month-old son Caben-Albi to sit online all day.
The spokesperson told the publication: “This is an absolute fabrication. Stephanie is too busy bringing up her son Caben as a single Mother. The suggestion that she would even have the time to be sat online all day is absurd.”
The pair started dating last January after they fell in love in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house but, just weeks after they left the abode, their relationship started to crumble and they decided to go their separate ways.
Stephanie later found out she was pregnant but Jeremy refused to have anything to do with her until a paternity test, which was carried out on the tot when he was four weeks old, proved he was Caben’s dad.
Then they decided to give their romance another go, but things hit the rocks again in March when Jeremy was admitted to rehab for his drugs and alcohol addictions.

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