Sinitta backs campaign to spotlight inequality

ICONINSIDER — Sinitta, Henry Holland and Munroe Bergdoff are backing a new campaign to shed light on LGBTQ inequality.
The ‘So Macho’ hitmaker, the 34-year-old fashion designer and the transgender DJ-and-model visited London’s Houses of Parliament for Absolut’s ‘Kiss With Pride’ launch event, which saw people from the 72 countries where same-sex activity is still illegal come together in defiance to be pictured sharing a same-sex kiss.
Sinitta said: “It was an incredible exhibition and its shocking to think there is 72 countries worldwide that persecute people on their sexual preference.
The ‘Kiss With Pride’ images were shot by Sam Bradley to reflect Absolut’s belief people should be free to love who they choose, and the photographer hopes the images will “start a constructive conversation” around the globe.
Sam said: “I was drawn to the ‘Kiss With Pride’ campaign because the idea was so pure. I knew I had to be involved, it’s quite rare for advertising to be for a cause without it feeling disingenuous. This felt absolutely natural and true.
“The more people that see these images the better. And not just in progressive cities like London and New York. I would really like the images to reach people outside of that bubble and to start a constructive conversation.”
The launch event for the campaign, developed in conjunction with Stonewall, also saw speeches from a number of LGBTQ activists and guests were encouraged to celebrate the work done in progressing attitudes in the UK – which is marking 50 years since the decriminalisation of homosexuality – and also reminded of the work still needed to be done worldwide.
Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive of Stonewall, said: “Consensual same-sex activity remains illegal in 72 countries, and is punishable by death in eight. These figures serve as a stark reminder that we must not be complacent about what’s left to do until all LGBTQ people are accepted without exception.”
The images will be displayed as part of a nationwide advertising campaign, and also along the route at Brighton & Hove Pride.
From the 3-6 August, the images will also be displayed to the public as one collection at East London’s Protein Gallery.
As part of the wider campaign, Absolut has also launched a #KissWithPride Snapchat Lens, which will see £1 donated to Stonewall for every use.
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