Shania Twain’s movie role

ICONINSIDER — Shania Twain is launching an acting career.
The 51-year-old singer has signed up to star alongside John Travolta in action movie ‘Trading Paint’.
A source told The Sun: “Shania is one of the world’s best songwriters and has no problems feeling and connecting with emotions.
“Until now she has expressed that in her songs but she is ready for a new challenge and is giving acting a go.
“The past 10 years have been tough for Shania. After the breakdown of her marriage in 2008 she feared she would never sing again.
“But she has recovered from that and is back stronger than ever. Her new album proves that, and so will her acting talent.”
Meanwhile, Shania – who has son Eja, 15, with ex-husband Mutt Lange – recently admitted she feared she would never sing again after being diagnosed with Lyme disease.
She said: “It’s a very debilitating disease, very degenerative. So I was very lucky at all that it affected the nerves on my vocal cords, not the vocal cords.
“I lost my voice for several years and I could speak but I couldn’t yell. I could never yell for my dog or my son or whatever.
“I also felt that I was never going to make another album — that was probably my truth. It was devastating. I really grieved about that. It did bring me down and I struggled with it every day.”

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