Rochelle Humes: Diets are awful

ICONINSIDER — Rochelle Humes thinks diets are “awful”.
The singer-turned-presenter – who has daughters Alaia-Mai, four, and Valentina, three months, with husband Marvin Humes – admitted she tried to restrict her calorie intake once and the experience left her feeling “miserable”, so she tries to opt for an overall healthy eating regime but won’t deprive herself of anything.
She said: “I’ve never been that person who’s into dieting, because I can’t sustain it.
“I did a diet once and it was awful and made me miserable – I would never do it again.
“I’m a fan of eating what you want as long as it’s good for you and you know where it’s from. I’m really into organic and healthy food, but I’ve never believed in eating no cards or no fat.”
And when she’s looking for fresh food, Rochelle turns to Marvin’s former JLS bandmate J.B. Gill, who lives on a farm.
She told heat magazine: “He gave us a delivery of amazing eggs, so I’m utilising him. I was like, ‘What else have you got? A turkey?’ As long as it’s good.”
The ‘Ninja Warrior’ isn’t the biggest fan of working out, so has hired a personal trainer to push her and ensure she still sticks to her exercise plan even when she isn’t in the mood.
She said: “I’m really trying, but it’s not easy. I train and work out in between nap times and I’ve got a trainer who pushes me – there’s no way I could do it without him.
“He’s really nice but he doesn’t take any prisoners. I tried to cancel yesterday, because it was too hot and he wouldn’t let me. I really hated him for it.”

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