Rita Ora wants a ride with Willie Nelson

ICONINSIDER — Rita Ora wants to go on a road trip with Willie Nelson.
The ‘Your Song’ hitmaker is an unexpected fan of the 84-year-old country music legend and would love to get a chance to spend some time with him so she could pick his brain and be regaled by his tales of life on tour and in the studio.
Rita, 26, thinks there would be no better place to pump Willie for his knowledge than in a car driving across the ‘On The Road Again’ singer’s native America together.
When asked who she would most like to go on a road trip with, Rita answered: “I would probably go on a road trip with Willie Nelson, he probably has the best stories of all time.”
Rita was being quizzed for a segment called Spilled Tea on the ‘Elvis Duran Show’ on US radio station Z100 and she also spilled she would love to work with Miley Cyrus in the future.
She said: “I think it would be fun to work with my friend Miley Cyrus, I’ve already worked with Charli XCX whose my friend. It’s always good to work with your friends.”
If Rita is serious about going on a road trip with Willie she could be in luck as the songwriter recently revealed he has no intention of retiring even though he is now an octogenarian.
He said: “What do people want me to quit? I just play music and a little golf and I don’t wanna give up either one of those! Everything’s going good. I think age is just a number. I’ve heard it all my life: It’s not how old you are, it’s how you feel. And I’ve been lucky with [everything], health-wise and career-wise. I haven’t really got anything to bitch about!”
Rita though will have to run her ride with Willie past new boyfriend Tyrone Wood – who is Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood’s 33-year-old son – who she is believed to have been dating for a few months.

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