Princess Diana’s brother buried her at home so he could keep her safe

ICONINSIDER — Princess Diana’s brother chose to bury her at their childhood home because he “wanted to keep her safe”.
The Princess of Wales tragically died in August 1997 and her brother Charles Spencer says it was a “natural” choice to have her buried in the grounds of the Althorp estate rather than at the family tombs at a nearby church so he could protect her.
He said: “It seemed natural [to bury her at home] as I wanted to keep her safe … There was such a whipped up feeling of emotion everywhere that I was very worried about where we could safely bury her.”
And Earl Spencer knows Princess Diana would have been proud of the speech he made at her funeral as she gave him “some sort of approval” when he read it to her body not long before she was buried.
He added to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I know people will think that I am some sort of fruitcake, but I do remember hearing almost some sort of approval then and then I realised then I probably had got some of the thoughts in order.
“I don’t feel I said many pointed things [in the eulogy]. I believe that every word I said was true and it was important for me to be honest. I wasn’t looking to make any jabs at anyone actually, I was trying to celebrate Diana and if by doing that it showed up particularly the press I think in a bad way, well, they had that coming.”

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