Prince William promises Germany Brexit won’t ruin friendship

ICONINSIDER — Prince William has insisted the UK and Germany are the “firmest of friends” despite Brexit.
The 35-year-old future King said the two countries are “closely” linked and share the same traditional democratic values and he sees their cooperation with one another continuing when Britain leaves the European Union.
Speaking at a garden party hosted by Sir Sebastian Wood at the British Ambassadorial Residence in Germany, he said: “The United Kingdom and Germany proudly share the same values as open and democratic societies, and the same determination to champion those values and to defend them – not least through our very close defence and security partnerships.`’
He added: “Today, we share a fundamental interest in the peace and prosperity of the continent of Europe to which we both belong.
“This relationship between the United Kingdom and Germany really matters. It is the product of many years of working closely together.
“It will continue despite Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union. I am confident we shall remain the firmest of friends.”
The Duchess and Duke are visiting Germany and Poland on the request of the Foreign Office, in a bid to show their appreciation for the UK’s European neighbours and back in May, Duchess Catherine kicked off what was dubbed the royal family’s ‘Brexit Tour’ charm offensive in Europe this year with a solo visit to Luxembourg.
Her visit also marked the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of London, which saw the European city confirm its independence in 1867.

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