Prince Charles meets goat

ICONINSIDER — Prince Charles met a goat on Tuesday (11.07.17) as he continued his tour of Wales.
The Prince of Wales met with the Royal Welsh’s regimental goat, Shenkin III, and Goat Major Sergeant Mark Jackson at the Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh.
Asked what the goat likes to eat by the royal, Sgt Jackson revealed: “Savoy cabbage and cheese and onion crisps.”
Following a tour of the museum by retired Colonel Timothy Van-Rees, who is also executive chair of trustees, Prince Charles met with Elliot Ngubane, a Zulu warrior.
Ngubane – who was dressed in traditional attire – works for Sibanye, who are responsible for organising Zulu War reenactments between South Africa and the UK.
He said: “[The Prince was] absolutely interested … It is a history that we want the young people to know about not just to be like animals who don’t know where they come from.”
Elsewhere on his Welsh tour, Prince Charles called for there to be a bigger priority put on tackling “terrifying environmental issues”.
Speaking at a sustainability conference in Llandovery College, Carmarthenshire, he said: “This is not backward-looking and anti-science, it is reinstating the discarded baby that was rashly removed with the bath water …
“This is why I find it so unbelievable when people ask why we should bother with the conservation and protection of the Earth’s dwindling biodiversity, or why we should strive to make the terrifying environmental issues we now face such a priority. It is, of course, the diversity of life on Earth which actually enables us to have our being.
“Deplete it, reduce it, erode and destroy it and we will succeed in causing such disorder that we risk derailing humanity’s place on Earth for good. This is why I have been trying to say for so long that we have to look urgently at what will restore nature’s balance before it is finally too late – and that moment, I hate to say, is upon us.”

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