Noel Fitzpatrick to host five-day animal adoption show

ICONINSIDER — Noel Fitzpatrick is to front a live five-day animal adoption event next month.
The 49-year-old Irish veterinary surgeon – best known for his incredible work in small animal practice – has teamed up with Channel 4 once again for a forthcoming short series entitled ‘Clear The Shelter’ in which he aims to rehome dogs, cats, rabbits and various other abandoned pets live on screen in television’s first ever adoptathon.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “Through raising awareness of the fun, love and hope that rehoming an animal can bring, I think we speak a language of joy and compassion, and that this is a fantastic message to put out into the world.”
The hour-long episodes will be spread across five nights in August and will be hosted by Steve Jones, Kate Quinton and Smudge the Labrador as they follow Noel around the Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter while he matches up owners with their new friends.
Executive producer Ed Coulthard said of the new series: “There are so many great pets out there in shelters across the country looking for a loving home.
“‘Clear the Shelter’ aims to involve viewers in a national campaign. This is a live series that really hopes to make a difference.”
The show hopes to break through the stigma attached to rescue animals and encourage people to head down to their local animal shelters when looking for a new pet as a staggering 250,000 dogs and cats are abandoned every single year.
As well as giving viewers the opportunity to watch innocent animals find their forever homes, the series will also have experts on hand to guide them through the adoption process.
Host Steve added: “I love animals, I love live TV and I love ‘The Supervet’. This is going to be a great show with a great purpose. Can’t wait.”
Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Noel has worked with Channel 4 as he also has his own show ‘The Supervet’, which has been on screens since 2014, as he allows the cameras into his practice to document him and his team as they save the lives of injured animals.

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