Naomi Watts has had her ‘fair share’ of therapy

ICONINSIDER — Naomi Watts has had her “fair share” of therapy.
The 48-year-old actress – who split from Liev Schreiber, the father of her sons Sasha, nine, and Sammy, eight, last September after 11 years together – finds counselling “very helpful”, particularly during the times when she’s reached “crisis point”.
She told the I newspaper said: “I have found therapy very helpful, particularly if you’re in a crisis point.
“I’ve certainly done my fair share of therapy over the years, and that was helpful.”
And the ‘King Kong’ star thinks continuing to visit a therapist and making an effort to “communicate well” with her family and friends has played a huge part in helping her combat her issues.
She explained: “But keeping up with it as much as you can, being able to communicate well with everyone that is in your life – that is something you can learn in therapy, because sometimes we are just connected to our own stories and it’s good to learn how to understand and make room for other people’s dialogue as well and identify with them.”
Although Naomi has been able to draw on her personal experiences for her role as therapist Jean in the new Netflix series ‘Gypsy’, she hadn’t tried Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) until she signed up for the show, so subsequently underwent some sessions – which involve changing the way a person thinks or reacts to certain situations – and founds them very interesting.
She said: “I didn’t know much about the CBT world, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very specific type of therapy whereby you’re able to control the negative thought patterns and therefore change the behaviour, so I did go and sit with a CBT therapist as myself and paid my money and did some sessions and that was interesting.”

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