Mel B wants to move back to the UK

ICONINSIDER — Mel B wants to relocate back to the UK.
The former Spice Girl – who was born in Leeds, north east England – is reportedly keen to return to her home country following her bitter split from Stephen Belafonte.
A source said: “This divorce battle has been exhausting and humiliating for Mel. It has placed a huge strain on her. And she has decided that when the whole thing is finally over, she wants to relocate to the UK so she can start again.
“She is looking at properties in and around Surrey, as she wants to be no more than an hour and a half’s drive away from Central London. Mel may also look at getting a place in the North, where she can stay while visiting her family.
“She is convinced this move is just what she needs. It’s perfectly possible for her to travel to the US for TV projects. And she thinks she’ll be happier with an ocean between her and Stephen. But he is furious about it and is fighting to stop it.”
And the 42-year-old singer thinks things would improve greatly if she moved back to England.
The insider added to The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “You can’t blame Mel for wanting to get away from the entire disaster. Every inch of her life has been raked through, and that’s on top of the emotional trauma that anyone getting divorced would suffer.
“She is not in a good place at the moment. But she is sure things will improve if she is able to relocate. It is looking unlikely that a judge will grant joint custody of Madison and Mel is confident that, with sole custody, she will be able to go ahead.”

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