Liam Gallagher lashes out at brother Paul

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher has reportedly been involved in another family feud – this time with his brother Paul.
The 44-year-old singer is known for his regular jibes aimed at his sibling and rival Noel Gallagher – with whom he used to front rock band Oasis – but now the ‘Wall of Glass’ musician has hit out at another of his family members whilst enjoying a drink in a London pub.
According to onlookers, the row started when Paul – who is the eldest of the three Gallagher brothers – teased him for his musical past, saying he would only ever be known as “that guy from Oasis”.
A witness said: “[Paul said] ‘You will only always be that guy from Oasis.’
“Liam was shouting ‘How dare you say that? You’re so f***ing rude.’ He was obviously angry and was jabbing his finger in Paul’s direction. And Paul was giving as good as he got back.
“Neither of them were making any effort to hide their row, and were very loud. They were drinking in the area outside the pub and fellow drinkers were sticking their head out the door to see what the hell was going on. It looked like at one point like it was going to come to physical blows.”
Liam reportedly then turned his attention to girlfriend Debbie Gwyther who joined the ‘Wonderwall’ hitmaker for a drink with Paul, as he “seemed pretty annoyed” that she hadn’t come to his defence in the war of words.
The onlooker added to The Sun on Sunday newspaper: “Debbie, perhaps wisely, hadn’t tried to stop their slanging match. But Liam seemed pretty annoyed that she hadn’t backed him up.
“He told her that if the tables were turned and someone had lashed out at her, he would have ‘punched them in the face’. Then he flicked his middle finger at his brother and angrily stormed off.”

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