Katie Price offers to be surrogate to Julian Clary

ICONINSIDER — Katie Price told Julian Clary she would be a surrogate mother for him if he ever decides he wants children on Wednesday afternoon’s episode of ‘Loose Women’.
The 58-year-old comedian was on the ITV daytime show on Wednesday (13.07.17) to talk about his new children’s book ‘The Bolds on Holiday’ and during his interview he was quizzed by panellist Anne Diamond on whether he has ever thought about starting a family with his husband Ian Mackley.
Anne, 62, asked: “Would you ever think about maybe becoming a dad?”
To which Julian replied: “Well I do think about it, but I don’t think it through properly. I did a book event yesterday (12.07.17) with some children and they’re so charming to spend time with. The age of about five to 10, is such a lovely age because they are so un-cynical,. But that’s such a big leap from thinking that to thinking I’m going to find someone with a womb and conceive. A womb is generally involved.”
Katie – who has five children from three different relationships – then immediately offered Julian the use of her reproductive organs if he ever did get serious about having a baby.
She said: “I’ll be your surrogate, I do mean it.”
Prompting Julian to jokingly reply: “Give us five minutes after the show!”
Although Julian isn’t a dad yet, he does have his beloved pet chicken Maureen to look after, and his feathered friend has now reached the ripe age of 10.
Revealing that Maureen sits with him when he writes his books, he shared: “I sit by the French windows to write with my French chicken Maureen sitting close by, she’s 10 now.”
Shocked that his bird was so old, Katie said: “Are you serious?
You’ve got a 10-year-old chicken? I’ve got about 200 chickens, I didn’t know they lived for that long.”
Julian has been in a relationship with Ian since 2005 and they finally tied the knot in November 2016 but the comic admits he tends not to speak about their life together too much as his partner is a more private person than he is.
He explained: “I got married in November … I met him on a yacht in Ibiza, I think he was collecting the glasses! When you work as a comedian you turn your whole life into a product and you can write about your family. That can’t always suit your partner, who wants to be private. It’s a learning curve but I try to not talk about him too much.”

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