Jodie Marsh’s online ‘stalker’

ICONINSIDER — Jodie Marsh claims there is someone “stalking” her online.
The 38-year-old TV presenter believes she knows the identity of someone who is reading her posts from an anonymous account, and she has shared a blog post about the person in question in which she claims to be a magnet for “weirdos” and “nutters” who are after her money.
She tweeted: “When you know the person you wrote your latest blog about is stalking your page from an anonymous account….. Oh hi Hun (sic)”
Shortly beforehand, she posted a new blog post titled ‘People who stab you in the back and what to do about it’, in which she wrote: “I attract weirdos and ponces. Not just, people who are a bit weird or who take the mick a bit; I mean out and out WEIRDOS and utter PONCES. I’m like a magnet to them.
“All my life, even before I was in the public eye I seemed to give out signals that screamed “if you are a nutter or need money, come see me!” (sic)”
The former model insists she actively gives off signals which “beg weirdos” to try to date her and become her friend.
She added: “After I became known through TV and newspapers, these signals (which I seem to have no way of controlling) got even bigger and louder.
“They BEGGED weirdos to get in touch, to befriend me, to try and date
“Rare are the times I meet a normal person who is genuine and kind and without motive.
“Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m too kind that I end up allowing these weirdos into my life; is it because I feel sorry for them and want to help them (a lot of the time, yes) or is it that because I never have a hidden motive or agenda myself that I never think anyone else is capable of having one either (until it’s too late and they’ve cleaned out my bank account). (sic)”
Earlier this month, Jodie was unexpectedly sent a package of drugs through the post which she reported to the police.
The delivery raised concerns as she was previously “stalked” by someone who sent her unusual items and looked through her windows.
She recently said: “I have got a stalker in prison who would send me obscene things in the post.
“He appeared at my house peering through the window.
“Because of that I wondered whether this [package] was the beginning of something so I thought I better report it.
“I don’t know how someone could have got my address.”

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