Ethan Hawke likes it when his wife gets jealous

ICONINSIDER — Ethan Hawke “loves” when his wife gets jealous.
The ‘Magnificent Seven’ star tied the knot with his spouse Ryan in 2008 and likes it when she gets jealous of other women.
He said: “Yeah, that’s true. I love it when my wife gets jealous. I have this weird reaction: ‘She thinks I can! She thinks I’m a hot man!”
However, on the most part, Ethan doesn’t think there are any positives to jealousy.
He added: “But jealousy? I think jealousy’s one of the few emotions that actually has no positive.”
And the 46-year-old actor has confessed he used to “envy” other actors who he thought were better than him.
He explained to The Times magazine: “I used to envy people who were better than me. But then I realised I was mistaken if I thought they were taking anything away from me. They were inspiring. That’s why I miss Phil [Seymour Hoffman] so much.
“Phil was one of a few people that genuinely made me nervous. I mean, for example, when I did a play, and I felt tired, and it’s a Wednesday matinee, I’d play a game with myself. ‘Oh s**t,’ I would say, ‘I think Phil’s coming today! Is he coming today?'”
Meanwhile, Ethan previously admitted he found it “impossible” to cope with his marriage to Uma Thurman.
He said: “[The problem with] Uma was a mathematical one. I was looking for a home, a sense of security, a foundation and a family in the concept of marriage. I was looking for the opposite of what I had in my life, always exposed to the flashes – but I fell in love with someone that just added more flashes to my private life.
“Our marriage became the antithesis of what I wanted and we found it very difficult to feel grounded. I know there are people who can handle it, I have friends who do. For me it was impossible. As I say, it was a matter of mathematics.”

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