Enrique Iglesias thought Matt Terry was Spanish

ICONINSIDER — Enrique Iglesias thought Matt Terry was Spanish when he first heard his vocals.
The ‘X Factor’ winner recently worked with the hunk on a remix of his smash hit ‘Súbeme La Radio’ alongside Sean Paul – who features on the original – but, although he was born and raised in Bromley, East London, his accent was convincing.
Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Enrique said: “When I heard Matt sing in Spanish it’s crazy. You wouldn’t know he was English. He doesn’t have an accent. You can tell when he was singing he has that Spanish in him.”
While Matt has kept a relatively low profile since he won the show, Enrique couldn’t wait to work with him after he watched him storm to victory on the programme.
He explained: “I knew who he was because of ‘X Factor’ of course. I watch a lot of those shows. We thought it would be cool. He has his fan base.
“What I normally like to do in these collaborations is just try it out. Artists need to feel comfortable singing the songs. I have done collaborations before and a lot of times they don’t turn out how you expect them to.”
Matt, 24, has been spending the last few months across the pond working on new music and the ‘Hero’ hitmaker has admitted he’s willing to offer a helping hand.
Enrique explained: “I definitely want to help, for sure. Once I collaborate with someone and the vibe is good you keep going.
“And even if this once hadn’t worked, I would still trey and try until we got it right.”
And Enrique hasn’t ruled out working with other ‘X Factor’ finalists in the future.
He added: “It’s tough to be an artist and get signed to a record company these days,. To me, whether you’re on ‘X Factor’ or because you walk into the Song building, it’s not any different.”

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