Drew Barrymore gets organised to mark Beauty Junkie week

ICONINSIDER — Drew Barrymore is encouraging her fans to clean out their make-up drawers as part of her Beauty Junkie week.
The ‘Miss You Already’ star has shared snaps of her own messy dressing table in the hope to encourage others to organise their beauty collection.
Sharing a picture of her dressing table, which is covered with bags and boxes stuffed to the brim with make-up, she said: “#beautyjunkieweek starts again as my bathroom counter tells me I need to get organized! So much stuff! And that’s the tip of the beauty iceberg …
“#beautyjunkieweek one of my drawers but not the whole story (sic)”
As part of her beauty week, Drew has also been sharing her favourite products.
On one post about haircare products, she wrote: “#beautyjunkieweek my favorite hair products DEESE’S 3 step hair conditioning treatment PHILIP B gold tinted conditioner (great for blondes) and LIVING PROOF in Restore Formula. These are my go to’s. Try em! (sic)”
And posting about the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment for her hair, she added: “#beautyjunkieweek these packets are so amazing. They get rid of sediments and clorine and all the things that are in our water out of you hair. When you rinse it out, it looks like green mouthwash is coming out of your hair!
“Their is one you put in your hair after washing for 30 minutes and they also have a 5 minute treatment. Works extra strength if you get under a dryer or any heat with it under a plastic bag. These were shown to me by my girl @traceycunningham1 and they changed my life. Try the experiment! And watch all the impurities come out of your hair. Enjoy. You can get at a beauty supply store or on line. (sic)”

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