Cillian Murphy won’t watch movies more than once

ICONINSIDER — Cillian Murphy won’t watch any of his movies more than once.
The ‘Dunkirk’ star refuses to tune into see his performances in movies on more than one occasion as he would rather look forward to his next role and make sure the “next piece he does will be the best”.
He told ShortList magazine: “I want to see the film at the premiere, and that will be it. I’ll see it once. I don’t know anyone who pores over their work because the impulse is always the next – the next piece I do will be the best piece I do.
“To an actor, nostalgia is death. When you look at your work from 10-years ago and think that was the apotheosis, well, you’re f***ed really. It’s got to be forward thinking.”
Meanwhile, Cillian teamed up with filmmaker Christopher Nolan on the World War Two movie and has admitted he would be up for doing all genres of films with the 46-year-old director.
He shared: “I’d do anything for Chris, within reason. I think he’s one of the best directors in the world so it’s a privilege to work with people as talented as that. I’ll always be there if he calls me up.
“People ask me that about Chris’s films but the thing people forget is that there are big set pieces and he does make films on a very broad canvas, but the reason they succeed I think is because of the interaction between the characters and the human stories.
“My most salient memories of working with Chris are the scenes between the actors – me, Mark Rylance, Barry Keoghan, Tom on a boat, just me and the actors and Chris and the cameraman in a very, very confined situation so that’s what I remember. Occasionally there are spitfires and the sea is on fire and there’s a destroyer, but mostly I remember the performances.”

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