Chris Hemsworth has ‘healthy’ rivalry with Liam

ICONINSIDER — Chris Hemsworth has a “very healthy” rivalry with his younger brother Liam.
The 33-year-old actor has admitted there is an element of sibling rivalry between himself and his 27-year-old brother Liam who is also an actor, but insists they are only competitive when it comes to sports and fitness, rather than over their careers.
When asked by ‘Entertainment Tonight’ if he has a rivalry with Liam, the ‘Thor’ actor said: “Yeah, in a fun way, you know? I feel like we’ve always been. People try to pair us off like there’s this vicious competitiveness, and, ‘Arghhh! You got that part and I didn’t,’ and stuff which isn’t the case. Get us at home, playing cricket or football or surfing or something and, yeah, there’s a great rivalry there – a very healthy one.”
Liam – who is in a relationship with Miley Cyrus – previously admitted he and the ‘Avengers’ star, along with their eldest brother Luke, 35, are all incredibly “competitive”.
He said: “I was the youngest, so I was never really anywhere near their physicality. If they wanted to beat me up, they would. But I idolised them. As a kid, I followed them into anything and wanted to do whatever they were doing. And it was always competitive.
“I went and watched [Chris] on set one day and I clearly remember something snapping in my mind. It was like, ‘Yeah, I want to do this.’ It was definitely the goal. Before I even started working on ‘Neighbours’ in Australia, I was already thinking about Los Angeles.”
Meanwhile, despite being six years apart, Chris – who has five-year-old daughter India and three-year-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha with his wife Elsa Pataky – previously admitted he often gets mistaken for the ‘Hunger Games’ star.
He said: “Now I have a beard it happens more. The first time was at the Star Trek premiere. It was the first big thing I had done and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is the beginning of my career,’ and a bunch of people were there and they’re like, ‘Chris, Chris, Chris’, and then ran straight past me to Liam.
“I thought he was going to correct them but he just winked at me and started signing autographs! That was my first little brush with fame!”

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