Chloe Ferry: ‘I was a lesbian for two days’

ICONINSIDER — Chloe Ferry was “only a lesbian for two days”.
Although the reality TV star often hooks up with her ‘Geordie Shore’ co-star Marnie Simpson after a night out, she has insisted that she could never be with a woman full-time because she is into men.
Chloe, 21, told the Daily Star Sunday: “I was only a lesbian for two days. But now I keep getting asked out by lesbians all the time. But I’m not a lesbian.
“Me and Marnie always just neck on. When we get drunk we turn into freaks and just want to kiss.”
Marnie, 25, recently insisted there is nothing serious between her and Chloe as she thinks of her co-stars as a “cartoon character” and Chloe is happy about that.
She said: “I’m happy she just sees it as having fun with a cartoon character because I couldn’t cope if she had proper feelings for me.
“I have enough stress as it is. Though it can’t have been that bad because she always keeps coming back for more. We were necking on recently.”
Meanwhile, Chloe previously admitted to having a crush on one of the Jedward twins, but she wasn’t sure which one.
Chloe hit it off with the twins – whose real names are John and Edward Grimes – during her short stint in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house and thought one of them reciprocated her feelings, but she was unsure which of the siblings she was attracted to.
Asked if she fancied anyone in the house, she said: “One of Jedward but I haven’t worked out which one it was.
“I think they are really different, they have a lot of energy and they are fun. They can handle me.
“They followed me around all the time.
“One of them definitely fancied us. He followed me around all the time.
“My one is special but I do need to work out which one it is. Who knows?”

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