Chaka Khan ‘can’t stand’ the I Feel For You intro

ICONINSIDER — Chaka Khan “can’t stand” the intro to her song ‘I Feel For You’.
The 64-year-old singer admitted she “can’t live down” the iconic musical moment – which features rapper Melle Mel recite her name a number of times before the beat kicks in – because fans always chant it to her, but it’s never been something she ‘s enjoyed.
She told Gay Times: “I hated it and I still can’t live that down to this day.
“People still come up to me now and say, ‘Chaka Khan’ about three or four times.
“I can’t stand it any more, but it is what it is. And believe me, I’m definitely not hating on that song.”
Another of Chaka’s famous songs, ‘I’m Every Woman’, has been embraced as a feminist anthem, but she has insisted it was never written that way as she views it as “empowering” for everyone.
She explained: “In spite of the words, I don’t see it as a feminist thing.
“I see it as an empowerment song for everybody. You know, everybody feels empowered when I do that song. That’s my impetus when I’m singing it; it’s an empowerment song for men and women.”
Chaka released the track in 1978 but it’s taken until now for her to feel “comfortable” with the lyrics.
She added: “Believe me, I had to grow into those lyrics. I’m only just now comfortable singing them you know.”
The ‘Ain’t Nobody’ hitmaker also admitted it has “been a problem” trying to keep her most popular hits still fresh when she’s performing live, so she does her best to “put little spins on the songs to keep them alive” for her.

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