Carmen Electra granted restraining order

ICONINSIDER — Carmen Electra has been granted a restraining order against an obsessed fan who is convinced they are engaged.
The 45-year-old actress was awarded the permanent document against Daniel Leblanc on Thursday (20.07.17) after a temporary restraining order she had filed against him expired earlier this month.
According to, Daniel must now stay 100 yards away from Carmen at all times, and must cease all contact with her.
The news comes after it was reported last week that the former ‘Baywatch’ star was seeking a permanent restraining order against Daniel, after saw the man sitting in his car outside her house in June and after a while, she grew worried so called police.
Officers took Lablanc into custody for mental evaluation, and documents obtained by TMZ at the time state the man’s friends claim he has anger issues and frequently got annoyed when anyone attempted to convince him that Carmen is not his fiance.
Meanwhile, Carmen previously confessed she would love to date an “intelligent” man.
She said: “If they don’t trust me, it’s hard. It makes work hard. They have to be incredibly smart, intelligent, brains is everything. Looks aren’t really a priority for me. I like artists, a sense of humour.
“But I have a tendency to get bored. I like very intelligent men because they’re interesting; it’s sexy to me. Someone that’s open to play and have fun not someone that’s so serious.”
And whilst she’d love to have that special someone in her life, Carmen is trying to strike up a “balance” between her career and her home life.
She added: “I just keep myself really busy and throw myself into work. I’m trying to have more balance in my life because I’m either one hundred percent work or one hundred percent relationship.
“I love doing this and I’m a workaholic sometimes and other times, I like to chill and relax. It’s about finding that balance. I’m getting there.”

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