Bella Hadid’s skin ‘trips out’ after Fashion Week

ICONINSIDER — Bella Hadid’s skin “trips out” after Fashion Week.
The 20-year-old model has revealed starring in catwalk shows back to back takes its toll on her face and hair, and to combat the negative effects of having her hair constantly washed and styles, as well as her face being plied with cosmetic products, she avoids wearing any make-up for the following weeks and will try hair and face masks.
She told “I’m pretty much at the end of fashion week now. My skin is tripping out and I think my hair got washed four times yesterday, so usually I like to do a lot of masks. I like to not wear make-up also.
“So, lots of hair and skin masks and just giving my body what it needs.”
The catwalk icon has planned to drink “a lot of water” and undergo a detox next month to help her “get [her] body back” to a state she likes it to be in.
She added: “I have a few weeks off in August so I’m going to drink a lot of water, do a lot of detoxing and try and get my body back to the way I like it to be.”
The fashion muse – who is the brand ambassador for Dior beauty – has revealed she never used to like wearing red lipstick or any beauty products, although that swiftly changed when she turned 14 and embraced her “punk side”.
She explained: “I wasn’t really into red lips or anything like that but I grew up in Malibu where we didn’t wear a lot of make-up. I always loved make-up and colour and seeing amazing eye-shadow looks on the runway though.
“In our Dior campaign, I’m wearing this beautiful blue shadow … But growing up, I was the opposite. I loved black eyeliner; I would really pack it on. My 14-year-old punk side was really proud of me.”
However, Bella thinks people can be selective about wearing make-up, as it can boost female’s confidence but it isn’t essential for everyone to adorn a face full of beauty products if they don’t want to.
She said: “I think that what’s so beautiful about make-up is that, if you love it and you feel beautiful wearing it, you can wear as much as you like. But if you feel you don’t need to or if you don’t like to, that’s also fine too.
“It’s something that can empower you if you want it to but if not then so be it. So the message towards young girls is to just be who you want to be. Make-up is a powerful thing and nowadays it gives so many girls so much confidence. It’s sometimes an intense subject but you can learn so much now and if you love it, you can learn exactly how do to it – but it should never be stressful. It’s a fun thing.”

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