Joel Edgerton’s movie fear

ICONINSIDER — Joel Edgerton was “terrified” of embarking on a movie career.
The Australian actor became a household name playing bricklayer Will McGill in drama series ‘The Secret Life of Us’ and he admits it was a huge step to walk away from his “breakthrough” role in order to pursue his dream of working on movies in America.
He told The Sun-Herald newspaper: “It was a terrifying thing to leave. Hanging out with that cast, being on a TV show that people respected that was well written and executed so well.
“I didn’t leave because I didn’t like it. I had my sights set on moving into films.”
And though the ‘Great Gatsby’ actor had reservations about relocating Stateside, he knew he’d always have regrets if he didn’t take the plunge.
Joel, 42, said: “I was terrified moving to America – but I felt like if i didn’t do it, I’d regret not trying.”
The ‘It Comes at Night’ actor always looks for work that excites him as he starts questioning himself if he isn’t enjoying the experience.
He said: “If I’m not excited to work, I get into really dark head spaces. I wonder why I am doing it. I get frustrated with myself.”
Joel previously said he seeks out roles with “nutritional value”.
He explained: “‘Bright’ is a big Hollywood movie, but David Ayer is not extremely Hollywood. He spent years working on a submarine and is a completely different fish compared to the ones swimming around in Hollywood.
“I’m not scared of doing big Hollywood movies. I just want to know that they have at least some nutritional value. I mean one day I might just take the money and run and I’ll acknowledge that without shame. I’ll wave to you from my Maserati as I tear on by!
“I don’t mean to p**s on Hollywood because it has provided lots of great opportunities for me. It’s also a loose term that’s hard to define.”

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